Cell Phone Charging Solar Panel

Regular price $ 80.00

In good sun, this panel will fully charge a cell phone in about 3 hours -- not bad.  It will charge most smaller USB devices such as cell phones, smart phones, GPS, MP3 players, smaller notepads like Kindle, etc., but it will only slow the battery decline of larger notepads and laptops.

With 7 watts of output, if your device has a USB input, it is compatible with the Nomad 7.  This panel also comes with a female cigarette lighter (12 volt) hookup for devices normally charged by car.  This is a well-engineered panel in a compact, ergonomic case -- totally self contained, perfect for backpacks.

Without buying extra cables, you can daisy-chain as many as four of these panels together for a total output of around 28 watts.

The panel itself does not hold a charge -- it is not a battery -- but rather is meant for charging devices with batteries or stand alone battery packs.

The panel is weather-resistant, durable, and will not be harmed if exposed to rain or snow.