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Avoid Pepper Spray, Particulate, & Smoke

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We were skeptical.  We tested.  We are now believers.

Freedom of motion through simplicity and innovation. The M2 Mask is unparalleled in its class. It's lightweight and slim design features a full mesh main body construction, resulting in improved airflow and breathability to seamlessly integrate into any users job or adventure. Dominating protection and performance through its 99.9% replaceable Active Carbon Filter. The M2 is your lightweight air filtration mask, ideal for those who stay in motion.

It's great for other uses too, but this is our iteration of what it is great for -- again, we were doubtful, but we saw it with our own eyes.  You will be satisfied with this product and can rely on it 100% when paired with a pair of goggles.

  • Mesh Construction – Lightweight - Breathable
  • 99.9% Replaceable Active Carbon Filters
  • Dual one-way discharge valves – Reduce condensation
  • Adjustable nose clip – Prevent fogging
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap – Universal fit
  • Versatile - Durable - Washable
  • Filters tested at Nelson Laboratories, USA