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Heirloom Seeds Collection

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If your preparedness mindset is "long term" then heirloom seeds are a must -- your storable food will not last forever, which means you'll be growing your own.

Most seeds you see in home stores or garden centers are genetically modified and will NOT grow more plants from the seeds this year's crops produce...if they even produce seeds at all.

Heirloom variety, non-gmo, open pollinated seeds, on the other hand will allow you to save your seeds at the end of the season, dry and save them to use for planting next season -- the way humans have always done it.

These lines of seeds have been carefully selected and cultivated by a small family farm in Utah with 40 years experience in horticulture.  Each variety of seed is sealed in a re-sealable mylar bag, labelled with the seed and approximate seed count.  In this vault you get a detailed growing guide, plus these varieties of seed (with seed counts):

Sweet Corn  750
Swiss Chard 328
Peas              445
Radish           882
Lettuce        2800
Carrot          6702
Onion           2822
Sweet Pep     700
Beet                419
Zucchini            81
Tomato         1760
Cucumber      353
Squash            109
Bush Bean      435
Spinach           882
Cabbage        2469

Storage Seeds should be a key component of any preparedness plan. This product was designed as a convenient and comprehensive source of seeds that will produce a garden full of fresh and nutritionally dense produce. All varieties are stable, open-pollinated, or heirloom, strains which mean you can save seeds from each years harvest to be grown the following year producing a true to type garden year after year.

Specially selected seeds: These seeds were hand selected by a degreed horticulturist with more than 40 years of experience and in conjunction with one of the nation’s leading agricultural universities. Thousands of varieties were reviewed and judged against several criteria including:

  • Adaptability: these seeds were selected for their ability to adapt to a wide variety of growing conditions including short season climates because you never know what the climate will be like when you count on it most.
  • Ease of growing: every seed variety has been personally grown in numerous test gardens to ensure success from the first time gardener to the old pro.
  • Non-hybrid: non-hybrid, open pollinated, or heirloom seeds “breed true” which means you can harvest seeds from your garden at the end of the season and store them for a future garden ensuring continuous seed replenishment. For the past several years seed companies have been producing more and more hybrid seeds which have many good growing characteristics but will not “breed true” which means that seeds collected at year end will not produce a plant with the same characteristics.
  • Nutritionally dense: our goal was to produce a garden that would provide as much nutrition per square foot as possible. You can rest comfortably knowing that this garden will provide ample nourishment for your family and friends.

Specially prepared: There is no use in storing seeds if they won’t grow when you need them. All seeds are living organisms and will eventually die but with proper and diligent preparation their lives can be extended. To ensure you the highest quality seeds which will be ready when you need them we:

  • Met with the National Seed Storage Laboratory to ensure our processes are at the cutting edge of seed archiving technology.
  • Use our in house laboratory to independently test and verify every seed lot, and retest at regular intervals, to ensure the seeds meet our high standards for germination rates.
  • Carefully prepare and test seeds on our state of art equipment to ensure the optimum moisture content for increased storage life according to our proprietary research tables.
  • Uniquely heat seal seeds in a triple layered foil bag. This high quality barrier extends seed life and allows you to reseal the seeds with our E -Z Lock feature.
  • Seal the seeds in a hermetically sealed 3/4 gallon resealable plastic container to provide another layer of protection.
  • Regularly set aside cans for our own storage and future testing. We have been storing and testing our stored seed for over a decade to ensure our process is sound and we continue to make process improvements. We believe we are THE ONLY storage seed company with this much proven and tested history.
  • Exceeded Federal Seed Act rules and regulations.

Our seeds can be safely stored for a minimum of 4 years if they are kept in a cool dry climate (65º to 70ºF) or longer at lower temperatures.

Incredible value: If you tried to purchase the same quantity of seeds at the store you would easily spend more than $67 dollars and those seeds would not be specially prepared for long-term storage. This can contains 1.4 lbs of seed which is enough to grow a ¾ of an acre garden, that is larger than ½ a football field!