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Water Safety Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

Regular price $ 9.95

20 individually wrapped tablets in this kit.  Each one treats 1 quart of water (about a liter), making it safe to drink from bacteria, viruses, and microbiologics.

Iodine, while tried and true (we also use it), it tastes terrible!  Chlorine Dioxide on the other hand tastes like pool water, much more palatable.  Downside is that it takes about 4 hours for the tablets to make the water safe, while iodine only takes about 45 minutes.  Pluses and minuses with every piece of equipment.

Another plus for these tabs is that they are individually wrapped in mylar, meaning you can use them one at a time without opening the whole package.  When you open a bottle of iodine, you need to use it within 6 months or so and there are 50 tablets in there!

Chlorine tabs are also a bit more expensive, another downside, but I hope I've made it clear here why they can be better.  Last point:  you don't want to use any chemical for too long successively.  Alternating between iodine and chlorine can really extend how long you can safely use chemical water cleaning.