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Affordable Legit Night Vision Rifle Scope

Regular price $ 399.00

Shooting at night is a complete game changer.  If you've never done it, I recommend trying it.  Try it with nothing, try it with a flashlight, then try it with a night scope -- once you see and understand the difference you, like me, will never go back.

Designed in the USA, but made in China, I assure you that you can take 150 yard shots with this legitimate, affordable night vision rifle scope.

Depending on the ambient light, even just a little bit of moon light, you will not even need to turn on the IR light which is built in to the unit.  In complete and utter darkness  you can use the IR to still see clearly.  (But usually you won't even need it.)

The unit takes 4 AA batteries which will power the unit for up to 4 hours depending on the temperature and quality of your batteries.  3x magnification, manual focus.

It IS weatherproof with a built in lens cap.  Focus 10 feet to infinity.  There are six  reticles to choose from, 3 in black and 3 in white.

Works with either picatinney and weaver rails, up to .30 caliber shock.

Here is a testimonial from a client who has the product:

"My first attempt with this scope was the night of the new moon, say 1% moon light; looking through the NightShot scope greatly expanded my attempt to pear out into the darkness. Night vision was enhanced by the available light gathering capability of this scope. The scope did well to gather the distant man-made light sources and give me near and far vision as I scanned around those light sources. For my second trial it on a somewhat cloudy night during the waxing crescent moon, 26% moon-light; the monochrome green colored image was sharp and did well to show me details within 100yards. At 100 to 600 yards less detail but I could make out, outlines and shapes that were not available on my daylight scopes."

NOTE:  We will NOT ship this out of the country.