Memorial Day Tornado Relief Operation at Omega

Watch the below video to see the extensive tornado damage to Dayton areas, then learn how you can help either by yourself or through Omega.

We will be acting as a drop point for supplies indefinitely, taking them out to affected areas based on our on-the-ground intelligence gathered through local "sources" which we are privvy to via the old water cooler.  I can personally assure you that, while we are not a "sanctioned" relief source or organization, any goods you bring to Omega will go directly to those who need it most.

June 7th, for example, we will be taking fuel and oil around to Northridge to fill up peoples' generators, as this is what we are told they really would appreciate at this time.  We were also told ice cream and a luxury item here and there is going a long way to lift spirits.

We will continue to update via Facebook which events are happening locally to which you can contribute, as well as regarding what supplies are being requested.  So please stay in touch to learn what you can do either directly, or indirectly via Omega -- and remember, there are other more traditional outlets for charity as well.  We encourage you to do at least a little something to help those in need.

God specially bless those in need at this time and thanks for your support.

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