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Sign up above for the Omega Email Alert System which provides you with several points of information:  Class the first to learn about upcoming classes, New Gear and Surplus the first to find out about new items in the shop and "close out" deals, Important News Items...keep ahead of the curve and get the "prepper perspective".

Other ways to stay ahead of the herd:

Download the FREE Prepare Alerts App -- you'll receive up-to-the-minute alternative news content you probably won't hear about from mainstream sources, keeping you ahead of the herd and in the know.  The Alerts we send cost you nothing -- but not paying attention could cost you everything!

You can also sign up for Text Alerts by texting the word "READY" to 64600 -- now these messages do cost you a text, but they also cost us and are consequently far less frequent and only sent when something is really big.  If you do not have a smart phone, however, it may be your only option to be alerted to big news ASAP.

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