Here are the classes enrolling now, held at our Store Location:

AR Technician's Course
Alcohol Stoves & Off Grid Cooking
The Auction Connection Training & Field Day

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Canning & Food Preservation 101
Intro to Baofeng UV-5R Amateur RadioPrimitive Fire Making with Bow Drill
Medicinal Ohio Plants & Home Remedies
Wild Edible Plants in Your Backyard (in Ohio)
Hands On Reloading Workshop
Medical Bags & Supplies Workshop
Preparedness 101:  The Beginning for Beginners

Chess with Preppers (+ Apocalyptic Movie)
Small Solar Systems for Preppers
AirSoft Workshop / Introductory Class
Fire Making 101
Handgun "Kata" Workshop
Tactical Combative Knife Training
Lock Flow, Hand Locks & Throws Seminar
Survival Skills 101, 3 Day Class with Dave Howard
All Gear Seminar -- MOLLE/ALICE, Bug Out Bags, Base Camp
Pistol Maintenance, Use & Accessories
Trifecta Rifle Maintenance
AR-15 and Bolt Action Rifle
Get your Amateur Radio License (HAM)
Field Dressing Workshop
Knife Sharpening Workshop
Lock Picking 101
Lock Picking 201
Host an Intro to Prepping Party

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Egg Nog Using Dehydrated Eggs from Mountain House
Free Online "Class" on Anodizing Titanium
Intro to the Baofeng UV-5R -- Why Preppers Like this Radio

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