720 Servings - 185 Lbs of Premium Long Term Food Storage - 2 Person / 3 Months

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Legacy is a NON-GMO (Genetically Modified Foods) food supplier.  They also refuse to use MSG, trans fats, or high fructose corn syrup and they keep the sodium low.

Your meals come packed in mylarized bags to keep oxygen from aging your storage food, while the hard plastic buckets they're packed in keep vermin from chewing into your supply and make the food easy to quickly move.

We've compared Legacy's food costs per pound to other brands and they do indeed offer the best value.  Combine that with the quality of ingredients and you've got a GREAT option for your bulk food storage.

The 720 serving package will serve:

1 person = 6 months
2 people = 3 months
4 people = 1.5 months
10 people = 18 days

Here are the contents of the 720 Serving Package:

Italian Pasta w/ Marinara:  32 Servings
Pasta Alfredo:  16 Servings
Pasta Primavera:  32 Servings
Enchilada, Beans, & Rice:  32 Servings
Stroganoff Mushrooms & Pasta:  16 Servings
Cheese & Broccoli Bake:  32 Servings
Creamy a la King:  32 Servings
Vegetable & Rotini Pasta:  32 Servings
Chili Mac:  32 Servings
Macaroni & Cheese:  48 Servings
Cheese & Broccoli Soup Mix:  32 Servings
Vegetable & Rice Soup Mix:  32 Servings
Potato Soup Mix:  48 Servings
Classic Chili Mix:  32 Servings
White Bean Chili Mix:  32 Servings

Nine Grain Cereal:  64 Servings
Maple Oatmeal w/ Brown Sugar:  64 Servings
Strawberry Creamy Wheat:  56 Servings
Old Fashioned Pancake Mix:  56 Servings

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