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If you're anywhere near Dayton, Ohio, you need to visit our retail store.

Food storage?  We have it.  Water filtration?  We're a Berkey dealer.  Omega has ALL of the bases covered for emergency preparedness.  Now...we could put all the usual products you see everywhere else on the internet here at our website, too -- and we do stock them locally, refusing to drop ship items we do not physically stock violating your privacy -- but what's the point?  Instead we offer our online clients some of our more interesting products.  Please come to the physical store, feel free to use our articles, ...and consider signing up for our alert systems.  Enjoy!

HyFin Bullet Wound Chest Seal

HyFin Bullet Wound Chest Seal

Regular price $ 12.95

Perimeter Security System

Perimeter Security System

Regular price $ 149.95

Food for survival gear and backpacking ration bars

2400 Calorie 5 Year Ration Bars

Regular price $ 8.95

Nuclear Mitigation Tablets

Nuclear Mitigation Tablets

Regular price $ 14.95

Throwing the cold steel special forces shovel

Special Forces Shovel

Regular price $ 34.95

Dayton Ohio Berkey water filters

10,000 Gallons Water Filter

Regular price $ 239.95

Best deal on paracord 7 strand olive drab 100 feet on the internet lowest price on paracord

100' of 550 Paracord

Regular price $ 6.95

non gmo heirloom seeds for survival gardens

Heirloom Seeds Collection

Regular price $ 59.95

Survival kit first aid kit molle compatible pouch

Major Trauma First Aid Kit

Regular price $ 38.95

CAT Tourniquet

CAT Tourniquet

Regular price $ 29.95

how to charge a cell phone with solar panel

Cell Phone Charging Solar Panel

Regular price $ 80.00