Omega Survival POD 1.o -- Mini Hard Case Survival Tool Kit

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Get started in preparedness quickly, compactly, and inexpensively with this mini survival POD.

It makes a great addition to your kit for backup, as an extra kit for your vehicle, or as a quick gift for a friend to give them a hedge of protection when you know they won't put a kit together for themselves.

High-visibility, water-resistant case has locking tabs and rubber gasket to keep the contents secure and dry, while the impact absorbing foam liner keeps the contents secure and in place.

Inside you'll find several key elements of survival:

  • Fire steel to make fire (and therefore boil water/cook)
  • Signaling whistle w/ waterproof tinder compartment
  • Six-function multi-tool with pliers AND flashlight
  • Compass for direction finding
  • Compact survival wire saw
  • ...and multi-function survival card with additional tools

All of this in a container that measures just 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 2" -- it's compact, efficient in design, and still packed with power when it comes to survival equipment.

If you've never used a "fire steel" before, it's very simple and with just the quick addition of some lint from your clothes dryer, you'll have a waterproof method of making fire inside this kit.

A signaling device is commonly overlooked.  A whistle may seem too simple, or maybe even "for girls" but we assure you it is not.  Try screaming for help for a few hours.  A whistle is both louder and easier on the voicebox, carrying much farther in the air than a scream.  Our whistle also has a waterproof compartment built in for storing tinder or perhaps medications you may need.

The multi-tool we've included has the unique capability of being a flashlight.  We also made sure it has a saw blade -- very important for making traps and completing other camp chores.  Flat head, phillips head screwdrivers, a cutting blade, and of course pliers are also part of this multi-tool.  So many tasks you can complete with this item.

Make sure you don't lose your heading with the button compass.  Find your way back to a road or waterway from being disoriented.  Moss doesn't always grow on the north side of a tree and if it's night time, the sun is no help.

The wire saw is a very useful item for processing wood to either burn, or to make an effective and more complex shelter.  The saws really work well.  If you've never used one, I highly recommend playing around with one to see what they can do.  You can even make a bow saw out of wire saw by fastening it securely to a bent branch.

Finally, there is a multi-function tool card.  The flat piece of steel is good for prying, loosening certain types of bolts, opening canned goods, cutting, opening bottles, and even telling approximate time by the sun.

If you want to give this as a gift, or purchase one for extra supplies...or to get your own survival kit started, we're going to send you your choice of exclusive Omega Survival bumper sticker as well.  The 7.62 and 5.56 stickers are sort of a friendly jab to the runners who put the 13.1 and 26.2 stickers on their cars (which indicate how long of a marathon they did) -- 7.62 and 5.56, of course, are calibers of rifle ammunition...having nothing to do with running.  You will get thumbs up (from those in the know) and likely some confused looks when you display one of these stickers.  Select your caliber upon checkout.