No-Suck Siphon

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Made in the USA -- Pennsylvania mined / poured copper and plastic tubing made in Ohio... it doesn't get more "Made in the USA" than that, so you can feel good about this product.

That aside, if you've never seen, used, or heard of these devices you'll never want to go back once you've used one.  The copper portion of the tube is essentially a valve and it's the magic behind this tool.

1.  Put the copper end into the liquid you need to siphon.
2.  Give the tube-end a rythmic shake to and fro.
3.  The siphon action will begin.

No mouth full of gas to spit out.  Makes it very easy and quick to transfer any liquid from one container to another.  This model has a 5' hose, the valve again, is copper.

Some people call these "Ohio credit cards" -- but that's derogatory!  We call them a very useful tool that we're sure you'll appreciate....and at a great price, too.