Omega Challenge Coin

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Show off your passion for preparedness and survival with our unique 2", antique style, raised solid metal Challenge Coin.

The latin phrase espouses our mission statement in "Survive, Defend" and prominently displays the greek letter Omega, store name, location, and special Patron logo of the Gadsen snake overlayed with the radio antennae -- to get the word out.

Here are the benefits and nuances of our coin:

  • The Omega coin is as good as a gift certificate, as it is exchangeable with no questions asked for $20.oo in trade at Omega for any goods.
  • If you see the proprietor outside of the store WITHOUT his coin, he is obligated to purchase you a beer (or beverage) of your choice!
  • You're helping support a local business -- thank you!
  • The coin makes a good conversation piece to help you get the word out about preparedness, Omega, and a host of other topics -- thank you!

NOTE:  The shopping cart may show "not shippable" but this is only so you will not have to pay a shipping fee for this small item.  $20 will be your total upon checkout and we will ship the coin to you.