Omega Base Kit : A Start Toward Preparedness

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The Omega Base kit was developed keeping in mind the person who isn't ready to stock up for the end of the world, but who still wants a little hedge of protection and insurance -- if this person sounds like you. . .this kit was literally made for you.

The Aquamira Frontier water filter will remove microbiological threats as well as sediment to make water from any source you can find safe to drink -- if you can find water, you have the means to safely drink it.  The sterile, water tight and collapsible water bags we include will allow you to more conveniently drink from the filter straw, as well as to transport water you may find.  Did you know it is a World Health Organization approved and verified way of making water safe to drink if you sit *clear* water in full sun in a clear container for a full day??  It is and these bags are also perfect for that.  You get three of the bags in this kit.

You have 1000 calories in ration bars.  In the mylar, vacuum sealed packaging, the marine style rations included in your kit have a stated 5 year shelf life (although we have eaten them well past their date and they were fine).  They are well-packaged and impervious to weather/seasonal changes, as well as water.  Taste-wise, they are quite good, even appealing to young children.  There are four 250 calorie bars.

On the tool front, you have a mini "dynamo" (hand-crank) flashlight which will not need the batteries to be regularly checked and replaced.  Just one minute of cranking will provide light for 5 straight minutes.  The crank is easy to turn and we've had really good luck with regards to the durability of these bright, unique, and useful flashlights.

You also have a multi-tool which features pliers, two sizes of flat head and phillips drivers, a saw blade, can opener, awl, and knife.  As stated in the video, there are so many unforseeable circumstances in which having a simple tool such as this could mean the difference between something as simple as your morale, or as serious as your survival.

The dehydrated, compact wash towel is a bonus item of convenience to a degree, as it is not necessary to a survival kit -- you'll just have to trust me, or perhaps you already understand the utility of a good towel.  Pre-filter your water, wash up a bit (hygiene is not to be underestimated), use it as a bandage or bandana.  It's a good item to have.

The mylar blanket included, as stated, has 101 uses from a signalling device, to catching rain water, to lining a shelter for repelling water, to its "intended" use of reflecting your body heat back onto yourself.  I suggest reading up on mylar blanket uses and filing that information away in the noggin.

With regards to the "admin" pouch we chose to contain this kit, it is MOLLE compatible, making it easy to attach to another pack.  The zippers are oversized and self-repairing.  The nylon is thick and durable, yet still malleable, not stiff.  The contents of the kit do not utilize the numerous pouches and straps you'll find inside, making expansion of this glovebox-sized kit possible.

Yep, we also include a dollar as a reminder that you should not only add some cash (or other barter item) to this kit, but also add any other items you think might be of help in a tough situation. . .like a "bic" lighter in a plastic bag if you're interested in firemaking capability for The Omega Base Kit -- that's something we get into with The Omega Base Kit Expansion Pack (coming soon).

We hope we've explained the kit well enough to communicate how effective it can be in numerous situations and that you see how easy it is to store in a small space.  You can make a huge difference for yourself in a tough situation with The Omega Base Kit and it's available now with a low entry price.