Night Vision Monocular

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I went on a personal quest to find a viable night vision solution which could be affordable for the normal person.  My ideal solution would cost under $200 and provide a clear, bright picture out to 100 yards.

Let me impress this upon you:  When you have nightvision, it is a game changer.

My quest concluded with this product.  It meets both protocols I set.

It takes 4 AA batteries, easy to find.  Battery life is good.  I've run 4 hours on one set.  It has an SD card slot for recording of what you watching.  It can run in daylight or in darkness, so there's no "chip" to worry about going bad.  It has zoom, which makes the picture a bit blurry...usually I don't even use it, don't need to use it.  It has an IR illumniator, but I rarely use it.  If there is ANY ambient light outside, the IR is not needed, but if you were in pitch black conditions inside or otherwise, turn on the IR to get a good illumination picture back.

I went through 3 other units which failed miserably.  I think you'd be happy with the option we've settled gives you a serious advantage to see in the dark.