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Perimeter Security System

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Another product we use personally, rely on, and endorse full bore.

Here you get the base station unit + one (1) all-weather motion sensor.  The base station unit can synchronize with up to four (4) motion sensor units -- additional motion sensor units are sold separately.

Each motion sensor activates a different chime on the base unit.  When a motion sensor's beam is broken, the chime assigned to that particular motion sensor rings out on the base station's speaker for you to hear.  As you get to know your system, your mind's eye will recognize each chime as matching whatever "zone" you've created with that particular motion sensor unit.

At our home, for example, one motion sensor is set to cover our driveway.  The chime/sound is a doorbell.  So when you hear a doorbell, you know the driveway zone has been activated.  A whistle chime/sound corresponds to our detached barn.  You get the idea.

It's a great system I can't say enough about.  Created in America by a small business, we have had this system in place for 4 years with absolutely no issues.  We have harsh winters here and blazing summers -- I've changed 2 out of 4 batteries.  In 4 years.  That's amazingly little power usage.

The range of the motion sensors is also amazing.  Up to 1/2 mile line of sight.  Our furthest is only 200 feet or so, with no problem.  It's a great way to keep on top of what is going on around your property without having to watch CCTV cameras.

I can't say enough about this product.  It's in use every day of my life and I love it.  I know it's a bit expensive, but it's totally worth it.

Here is what the actual manufacturer has to say about their product:

"This is a feature filled wireless motion detector/receiver kit with a ½ mile* radio range. The motion detecting sensor operates on one 9-volt battery (not included) and will detect a person or vehicle passing by out to about 50 feet. The sensor will then send a signal back to the receiver up to a ½ mile away.

The receiver has four form “C” relay outputs and one 12VDC output. The output durations are adjustable up to 10 minutes. The receiver will play one of four different tunes that are selected at the transmitter so that different zones can be distinguished. The receiver is powered by a 12VDC transformer. The receiver also offers a 5 minute exit delay so you can leave the house without disturbing any occupants as well as a reminder beep and counter function."

Operating Range: -30°F to 120°F