John Stove (TM) -- Repurposed Propane Tank Wood Stove

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The John Stove is a locally-made wood stove Guaranteed for life.

What you see is what you get -- a durable, interesting, artisan-made and fully functional wood stove with 2 3/4" exhaust pipe pre-installed for you to then easily source piping at your local auto store to complete the assembly.

The grill on top allows for cooking -- even good for cooking pizzas.  The top grill gets up to about 400 degrees, while the lower body can reach 500 degrees, depending on the woods you burn, of course.  A grate for the lower belly is also included to ensure good airflow.  (As you may imagine, these grates may need replacing from time to time based on how often you're using your John Stove.)

A good quality high-temperature paint is used.  Often with a belly stove, even the ones that cost up to $200, a cheap, Chinese paint is used which burns off the very first time you burn it, leaving you to repaint the stove at your own expense.  The paint used on the John Stove is much higher quality.

Get a great stove.  A conversation piece.  Support a local craftsman and a small business.  Also, check out our .50 cal ammo can wood stove!

If you can pick it up in the store, the stove sells for $124.95.  Online, we have to charge more due to the cost of shipping.