General Burnside's Chops Oil

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2 ounces of the finest thin beard oil you'll find.

“I was ready to shave off my beard then I found General Burnside's Beard Oil.  Now my wife is a very happy woman.” ~ Donald Pendell

Our thin oil, made here in Ohio contains just 5 all natural, organic ingredients no chemicals or harmful additives and no thick, greasy mess which does not incorporate well into your glorious beard.

These are premium ingredients, sourced locally and carefully engineered into the proper viscosity and levels to best service the beard of man.

General Ambrose Burnside was an everyman's man.  He was a bold yet humble man who served the U.S. honorably in the military, private sector, and public service arenas, all the while confidently sporting one of the most magnificent manes ever donned.

Did you know Burnside was the first ever president of the NRA?  Yeah, and he invented not only a self-contained rifle cartridge, but also a carbine repeating rifle to fire it.  It was called the Burnside Carbine and eventually about 55k of them were made and put into service.  An interesting man from Indiana.  We talk more about him on the Facebook page we've set up just for this product.

A beard is a glorious thing.

A beard can make strangers admire you.

A beard can grant you superhuman wood chopping skills.

You can have a stupendous man’s beard that makes you happy.  The bonus is that the people in your life also get happy.

A beard that looks and feels good, are worn by men, and don’t just happen.  They do not take a lot of work, that’s why they’re beards.

However, you cannot expect greatness with no effort.

Wash your beard with a natural unscented shampoo.

Never use sissy conditioners on your beard.

Scrub your face underneath your beard with unscented face soap.

You do not need to wash your beard every day.

General Burnside washed his every week and a half.  On non-wash days, the General scrubbed it with water to reset his natural face oils.

Every day wet your beard and give it a good brushing to distribute your natural facial oil.  Clean your brush and apply General Burnside Beard Oil to the brush and brush vigorously.

You will have a glorious beard that makes you happy.