Expansion Module for Omega Base Kit

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The Expansion Module for the Omega Base Kit is the next step in your preparedness journey.  The video above explains all the components (you may wish to skip to 1.45 in the video to get right to the nuts and bolts).  Watch from the start to get a feel for the full conceptual design behind the Base Kit and the Expansion Module.

The Expansion Module's capabilities follow:

** Note:  Extra large fire steel is no longer available, a smaller steel will be substituted.

  • "Embrace the suck" morale patch

With the Expansion Module, you're moving up a level from the Base Kit to being able to stay capable in the field for (depending on your caloric requirements) a couple of weeks or even longer, having the tools to be able to construct a robust shelter, being able to survive in colder conditions, and having the ability to make fire easily.

The gear in this kit is top notch in it's class and makes a great start to a larger bug out bag or emergency kit, plus gains you a good quality water bottle bag which you can re-purpose and attach to a larger bag as you build your equipment inventory.