January 19, 2018

Who/what is "Q" ?

There has been a lot of buzz lately (since around October 2017 anyway) about a person or group, purportedly inside the White House, which has been releasing highly disturbing (or perhaps highly encouraging) information regarding the -- again purported -- "war" going on between the "deep state" (rogue elements within government seeking power) and "true patriots" within the Trump Administration and the U.S. Military and traditional (as we know it) political system.

Wow.  That's a mouthful with a LOT of ifs ands and buts.  It's very difficult to discern at this point whether "Q" is just some guy with a keyboard, or some representative trying to break real information and inside ballgame to the American people before the media picks up on it -- IF they would ever pick up on such things to begin with!  We do not pretend to know one way or the other, but as ALWAYS, merely report things that are said in various spheres.

As ALWAYS, it is up to YOU to injest the information and make up your own mind.  With that said, here is a Youtube video which speaks to some of Q's recent (19 Jan 2018) info:

January 11, 2018

January 2018 News of Interest

The weather has been on everyone's minds lately.  More white death in-coming THIS weekend, in fact, everyone is saying.  If I'm beating a dead horse, tell me, but I'm going to mention again my fascination with studying and following the "grand solar minimum" (I'll even link it here for you where you can get a great low-down on Youtube) -- everything that is said about it seems to be occurring.  It's 16" of snow in the Sahara Desert and 50 degrees in Alaska...the jet stream is having its "wiring" messed with due to our weakening magnetic fields here on Earth.  I urge you to look into it for yourself.  Don't take MY word for it -- PLEASE, do your own research!

Chinese officials were reported to have been "overheard" stating that they are considering reducing or even eliminating their on-going purchase of U.S. Treasuries (our debt).  This is a big deal because if no one will "lend" us money, our bankrupcy will become un-hideable and likely very tough times would ensue.  The Petrodollar, although under-reported, has been taking blow after blow for the past 3-4 years and once it's gone, the dollar will be hurting.  It's come out today that the Chinese say this talk is "Fake News" -- doth they protest too much?  Or are the rumors true?  I don't know.

Mount St. Helen's AND the San Andreas fault have both apparently awoken as our Earth seems to be going through some changes due to who knows what...  The sun?  No way to tell, but Bay Area residents have become very on edge, adding to California's woes as of late.  Some are saying the "big one" is close at hand.  All I know is dormant volcanoes are coming to life left and right.  Very vulcanistic right now.

December 16, 2017

Commissioner Boykin Requests UN Peacekeepers in Chicago

Click here for the Chicago Tribune story.

Well, what do you think?  The blue helmets in Chicago.  On American soil.  Sounds like a great idea.  Unconfirmed reports state that black vehicles have been seen unloading large amounts of light arms.  A concerning story.

November 14, 2017

Quick News Round Up

NYC looks to be deploying anti-terror, heavily armed units ahead of an actual threat to "deter" terrorist activity.  Might not be a bad idea, but it just sucks.  How about not letting a bunch of un-vetted people into the country in the first place, eh?  Instead we have to look like a banana republic and explain it to our kids...

The seeming increase in earthquakes continues.  New Madrid has had recent shakes, just had the big one on the Iraq/Iran border, now San Andreas area is swarming.  Be advised.

WHO said although the growth in the number of PLAGUE cases is slowing down, they now fear a series of devastating “flare ups”.  They indicate the risk for a wider, global pandemic is "high" which is quite worrisome.  Keep an eye on it.

November 10, 2017

Ballistic Missile Fired at Riyadh: Media Crickets

My head about exploded when I read that a ballistic missile had been fired from Yemen at the capitol city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.  Apparently it was intercepted by a Patriot missile battery at the capitol's main airport.  Amazing.  Stunned.  HUGE news, right?

No.  I heard no coverage in main stream media, although I did talk to a couple of people who said yes, they did "hear something about it" in passing on Fox.  I would think this would be front page news world-wide.  So why isn't it?

My guess, and I have no proof, is that Saudi Arabia fired the missile (or had it fired) on itself in order to bring their people into line for both continued war in Yemen (which has been going on for a couple of years) and most likely expanded war in Lebanon and ultimately Iran.

Saudi and Kuwaiti citizens were ordered out of Lebanon this week.  Now, the U.S. is claiming the missile was Iranian in origin.  Bottom line here is it looks like some serious shit is brewing in the Middle East at this point.  Chess pieces are in flux.


November 10, 2017

Madagascar: Not Good, Plague Spreads


I've been harping on the pneumonic plague outbreak in Madagascar for weeks (mainly on our FREE Alerts App) -- the WHO is highly concerned, saying there's "something different" about it this time.  Plague is common in African countries annually, however, this version is spreading by airborne means and is more deadly than usual....killing in under 24 hours at times.

Ladies and gentlemen, this disease has killed 1/5th of the known worlds' population in the past, far worse than the often cited Spanish Flu epidemic.  The plague is nastier in what it does to its victims, making its containment that much more difficult with bodily fluids to contend with and then the mortality rate.  There are unconfirmed reports that it actually HAS already lept to the African mainland and popular British tourist areas.

It's one plane ride away folks.  Be advised.

October 10, 2017

Catalan Independence from Spain, Hurricanes War-Gaming Collapse Scenarios

Catalan region of Spain is moving for independence from the Capitol and Spanish governmental authority with massive local popular support.  A recent rally was held in support of the King and Spanish government to maintain control, by force if necessary, of the independent-hopeful Catalans.  Numerous videos surfaced of police brutalizing people who were attempting to vote on the referendum, which the Spanish government refuses to recognize and in fact condemns as illegal activity.  Today, the 10th of October, we are awaiting the announcement (just minutes away) as to whether the Catalans will publicly and forever committ "treason" by trying to separate from Spain, under the threat of arrest, or whether they will back down and kiss the ring of the crowned King.  Interesting.

Recent hurricanes have utterly and literally destroyed Virgin islands like St. Martin, as well as now Puerto Rico.  Those on the U.S. mainland fared better, but looting and food scarcity still occurred.  The less organized and harder to reach islands, however, gave us a sad, but accurate glimpse into what we could expect even here on the CONUS should a severe disaster occur -- looting and food scarcity.  Starvation and hardship.  Within 3 days of supply shortages, there were reports of armed gangs roaming the Virgin islands stealing supplies and anything else they deemed appropriate.  Venezuela is another glimpse into these conditions and what they do to the average person.  I saw a video that looked like it was out of Mad Max...a bunch of motorcycles running down a tractor trailer with supplies on it, forcing it to pull over so they could loot its contents!  Crazy stuff.  It can and will happen.

August 09, 2017

Agencies Treating Solar Eclipse as Disaster

On August 21st, the U.S. will experience a most breathtaking solar eclipse.  "Modern" America hasn't seen anything like it in almost 100 years.  Things have changed a lot in that time:  smart phones, fast cars and highways, electrification of the world....millenials.

How will people react to this amazing celestial event?  Eclipse facts:  the temperature will drop 20 degrees, nocturnal animals will emerge (crickets will chirp, birds will go quiet, etc.), the sky will darken significantly...  bottom line:  It's going to be spectacular!

One of the biggest concerns is traffic and accidents.  Small towns set to have the best view of the event are getting booked and overrun with visitor requests.  These towns are not set up to handle 20,000 people (or more) over their normal population.  The infrastructure is not there, the public safety and EMS is not there.  Many local municpalities are reacting to the eclipse, already, as a "disaster" scenario -- some are even going so far as to advise their citizens to "stockpile food and water" and to plan on "emergency services being delayed".

Pragmatic concerns like traffic aside, people who study space weather and prophecy note other "problems" which might accompany an eclipse in the form of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions (due to gravitational and sun-generated effects of the eclipse, stellar alignments, etc.)....some believe, this eclipse could bring general signals of the Apocalypse.

Whether your personal take is "non-event", mere curiosity, or "watch carefully" -- this eclipse is going to be something to remember, so our advice at Omega is this:  Enjoy with caution and preparation.  Big surprise!

August 09, 2017

The Solar Minimum Cometh

Hey, it's not me in my mom's basement telling you "the end is nigh" but rather a team of scientists, including NASA members, telling you!  Solar minimum is a known quanity.  We are now in the very beginning (2017) of a grand solar minimum.  We'll be lucky to be coming out the other side by 2030.

Ice ages have occurred in the past, as have solar minimums.  The nice thing about this type of event is the evidence they leave behind in core samples -- highly reliable and readily available for study.  It's no conspiracy theory that these things have happened.  It's not up for debate.

August 09, 2017

Visa Pushing for Cashless Society

The worldwide march towards a "cashless society" continues.  It's been talked about for decades and recently India ditched certain denominations of its currency to the wide dismay and even death of some citizens.  Yes, five people died of exhaustion while waiting in lines to exchange currency.  It's true!  For what purpose?

European countries' governments are talking about going cashless....now Visa is enticing businesses here in the U.S.A. to cool it with the cabbage.  Shoot, the "green back" is hardly green any more anyway.  You can expect to see more of this move in the name of saving humanity from the terrorist bogeyman and drug dealers, of course, but in the end it means total surveillance of all purchases and the end of garage sales as we know them.

Sounds like a great idea.  Not to mention having the infrastructure in place to actually implement a "you-can't-buy-or-sell-without-this-chip" system ("the mark" anyone?).  Why does anyone really care if we use cash?  Just like outlawing drugs doesn't stop the drug trade and outlawing guns won't stop gun deaths -- outlawing cash will not stop bad people from doing bad things.  Seems like just another way to exert more control over We the Pleebs.