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What omega offers clients...

  • Equipment & Supplies

    We have the hard-to-find items you'll only see on the internet.  We use this stuff ourselves, we know it, we trust it.  See it, hold it, evaluate it in person.

  • FREE Consultation

    Getting started in emergency preparedness can be confusing and daunting -- let us take that frustration away for you.  Contact us today.

  • Classes & Education

    An army of instructors awaits you at Omega with classes from Edible Ohio Plants to Primitive Fire Making.  If you have the time, we have a class!

Just a taste of our product -- 1000's more available at the retail store

Food for survival gear and backpacking ration bars

2400 Calorie 5 Year Ration Bars

Regular price $ 8.95

Mini Fire-Making Spark Wheel

Mini Fire-Making Spark Wheel

Regular price $ 4.95

Omega Challenge Coin

Omega Challenge Coin

Regular price $ 20.00

Survival kit first aid kit molle compatible pouch

Major Trauma First Aid Kit

Regular price $ 38.95

Lock Picking Set

Lock Picking Set

Regular price $ 19.95

non gmo heirloom seeds for survival gardens

Heirloom Seeds Collection

Regular price $ 49.95

Perimeter Security System

Perimeter Security System

Regular price $ 149.95

No-Handle Faucet Key

No-Handle Faucet Key

Regular price $ 6.95

how to charge a cell phone with solar panel

Cell Phone Charging Solar Panel

Regular price $ 79.95

CAT Tourniquet

CAT Tourniquet

Regular price $ 29.95

No-Suck Siphon

No-Suck Siphon

Regular price $ 12.95

1 month long term survival food storage shelf life food

1 Month Food Supply

Regular price $ 119.95


Father's Day. Shopping. Paradise.

Why roam the aisles of junk at some local big box store when every time you turn around in Omega there's something sitting there that a dude would like to own?  Take this limited edition Helle Holken blade, for example.  There's only 350 of them in existance.  Just like your dear old dad -- only about 350 like him in existance too, right?

Featured Product

The pint-sized RZ Mask delivers BIG TIME.  Check out our video review and see if it's the right piece of equipment for your Go Bag or other gear set.  Instead of packing a full size gas mask, consider using this lightweight and compact solution for tear gas, pepper spray, particulates in the air, smoke and more.

Omega gives it's full approval to this innovative product and will be carrying it in our retail store for our clients.

Watch RZ Mask Video

June 3rd Class

Learn how to FULLY maintain your AR rifle in a professional manner.

The course, developed by the SAFTD, was extended to SBFT to teach students how to properly clean their rifle to the "John Christian" level. Complete field strip and reassembly will be covered, as well as how to perform basic modifications to your rifle. 

All students will have the option of taking home a Breakthrough brand cleaning kit with patches, q-tips, pipe cleaners, and a Real Avid carbon scraper.

Location of Omega

Mobile Alerts

It's just another service we offer here at Omega -- up to the minute information on local, domestic, and international  news.

If you're a news junkie, you'll appreciate our unique point of view in letting you know about stories and issues which are of particular importance to people like us.

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Buy CAT Tourniquet

$ 29.95
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