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Best. Food. Prices.

It's easy to click around and place an order with a random website, but Omega offers FREE consultation and we guarantee you the lowest price.  It's guaranteed.  Free local delivery and pick up, plus personal customization for your needs, and the anonymity of ordering locally.  Get to Omega and get exactly what you need with local accountability, all the while saving money and consulting with a no-pressure expert.

Take a look at some packages...

Locally Made Artisan Stoves

Yeah, a guy right in our neighborhood makes these.  He even puts a LIFETIME warranty on them.  A buddy of ours has already cooked a pizza on the top grill of the one he took home.

We have them here at the shop.

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Cook w/ the Sun!

At Omega we have a different way for you to do just about anything.  Even here in Ohio with clouds and cold, you can use the sun to cook food like meat and vegetables.

Come to the Store

SP300 Caltrops

These high-quality, locally made, proprietary tire spike by Omega is designed for heavy duty work.  We will not ship them to just any state, but if your state allows you to have them -- why not?  It's just another one of the unique, hard-to-find products that you'll see at Omega.  If you can get to the store, we'll show you around and answer any questions you have about our products and preparedness planning in general.

Ordering SP300 Caltrops

Wire Pull Smoke

We've got a shipment of these "burst" smokers coming in -- they're our favorite color and style.  They dump all 24,000 cubic feet in under 20 seconds, so it's a LOT of smoke right NOW.  The convenience of not having to light the smoke is also a big advantage to these compact devices.  You can call us to reserve yours today.

Call for ordering information.

A $98 Plate Carrier??

Yes!  Another great value proudly brought to Omega Clients.  We've never seen such a good quality vest which includes all of these pouches for such a reasonable price.  We don't mail armor, but we can mail you this plate carrier for sure!

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Winter Coat Sale

We have a small stock of Zero Point and Anapurna parkas for just $79.95 each.  These are lined, heavy duty fabric jackets meant for cold temperatures.  Only available for local purchase and pick up in Dayton.

Click here for directions & hours.

Mobile Alerts

It's just another service we offer here at Omega -- up to the minute information on local, domestic, and international  news.

If you're a news junkie, you'll appreciate our unique point of view in letting you know about stories and issues which are of particular importance to people like us.

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What omega offers clients...

  • Equipment & Supplies

    We have the hard-to-find items you'll only see on the internet.  We use this stuff ourselves, we know it, we trust it.  See it, hold it, evaluate it in person.

  • Consulting Services

    Getting started in emergency preparedness can be confusing and daunting -- let us take that frustration away for you. Get a Consult

  • Classes & Education

    An army of instructors awaits you at Omega with classes from Edible Ohio Plants to Primitive Fire Making.  If you have the time, we have a class!

Just a taste of our 1000's of products -- so much more at the retail store!

Food for survival gear and backpacking ration bars

2400 Calorie 5 Year Ration Bars

Regular price $ 8.95

Mini Fire-Making Spark Wheel

Mini Fire-Making Spark Wheel

Regular price $ 4.95

4 way key faucet with no handles how do you turn it on urban bug out escape

4 Way No-Handle Faucet Key

Regular price $ 8.95

Survival kit first aid kit molle compatible pouch

Major Trauma First Aid Kit

Regular price $ 38.95

Beginner lock pick set with instructions

Lock Picking Set

Regular price $ 29.95

Perimeter Security System

Perimeter Security System

Regular price $ 149.95

Omega Challenge Coin

Omega Challenge Coin

Regular price $ 20.00

Nuclear Mitigation Tablets

Nuclear Mitigation Tablets

Regular price $ 14.95

non gmo heirloom seeds for survival gardens

Heirloom Seeds Collection

Regular price $ 49.95

CAT Tourniquet

CAT Tourniquet

Regular price $ 29.95

No-Suck Siphon

No-Suck Siphon

Regular price $ 12.95

Titanium Deflator

Titanium Deflator

Regular price $ 29.95

HyFin Bullet Wound Chest Seal

HyFin Bullet Wound Chest Seal

Regular price $ 12.95

how to charge a cell phone with solar panel

Cell Phone Charging Solar Panel

Regular price $ 79.95


Buy Q Sticker - Storm Coming

$ 0.95
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