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The Omega Outpost is here for you, Tri-State.  Effective, realistic preparedness requires three things:  Resolve, Information, and Equipment.  We can solve two of those problems -- and maybe we can help with the Resolve.

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We've studied preparedness for over 20 years.  Use our experience to enhance you and your family's security in these uncertain times.  There is so much to learn, but don't be overwhelmed.  We are here to advise you and provide the high quality gear you need.

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Berkey Dealer

You NEED clean water.  Once you have a Berkey, you never have to worry about clean water.  Come to the store, see a Berkey in action, ask questions and learn about the options.  It might be the most important purchase you ever make.  That's right.  We "deal" the Berkeys here at Omega. 

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Just a smattering of our products... you get the idea.

1 Gallon Stainless Camp Jug

1 Gallon Stainless Camp Jug

Regular price $ 39.95

Goretex Waterproof Over Trousers

Goretex Waterproof Over Trousers

Regular price $ 98.95

Private Consultation

Private Consultation

Regular price $ 198.95

Kids bullet proof backpack

Armored Backpack

Regular price $ 114.95

4 way key faucet with no handles how do you turn it on urban bug out escape

4 Way No-Handle Faucet Key

Regular price $ 8.95

Perimeter Security System

Perimeter Security System

Regular price $ 149.95

Nuclear Mitigation Tablets

Nuclear Mitigation Tablets

Regular price $ 14.95

Dayton Ohio Berkey water filters

10,000 Gallons Water Filter

Regular price $ 239.95

non gmo heirloom seeds for survival gardens

Heirloom Seeds Collection

Regular price $ 59.95

CAT Tourniquet

CAT Tourniquet

Regular price $ 29.95

What omega offers clients...

  • Equipment & Supplies

    We have the hard-to-find items you'll only see on the internet.  We use this stuff ourselves, we know it, we trust it.  See it, hold it, evaluate it in person.

  • Consulting Services

    Getting started in emergency preparedness can be confusing and daunting -- let us take that frustration away for you. Get a Consult

  • Classes & Education

    An army of instructors awaits you at Omega with classes from Edible Ohio Plants to Primitive Fire Making.  If you have the time, we have a class!

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