Omega Survival Supply focuses on the self-sufficient, prepared survival lifestyle.  Get an overview of what we carry.  We have lots of hard-to-find survival gear.  We would like to help you find products that can help you reach your goals.

If you talk to 5 people, you might get 5 different answers, but here are our concerns:

1.  Clean water.
2.  Food source.
3.  Security & Defense.
4.  Morale, Comfort, & Thriving.

We will not be beaten on price.  Contact Us and we will beat any non-auction retailer's price.  Money is tight for everyone and this is a pledge extended by an American small business to our American countrymen.

Big box hunting and sporting goods stores are great, but they don't cater to us.  In Dayton, Ohio, the Miami Valley, the only place you can see, touch, and examine these hard-to-find survival supplies is right here at Omega Survival.

Products like the K-Tor hand crank generator for charging cell phones off grid, Berkey water filters for securing a purified water source for years on end, rocket stoves for cooking and boiling water quickly with no power or gas, solar panels for charging batteries and devices off grid, solar showers for heated water without electricity, camo netting for concealment of people, places, and equipment, knives of all kinds, backpacks, hunting aids, and plenty of survival gear that is also great for camping and hiking.

Web visitors from outside of Ohio can rest assured that we are serious about our survival gear and that we have the knowledge base required to be prepared.  Omega Survival is a full time retail store where customers get their hands on great gear on a daily basis.  We keep our customers satisfied and they come back.  If you need something added to our selection of gear, Get in Touch.

We started down the path of preparedness 14 years ago and went through a lot of trial-and-error learning. We want to help YOU avoid paying the fool's tax and alleviate some of the concern for people who are just starting in preparedness.  If you're experienced, we want to make things convenient for you and come with the lowest price.

Here's a quick video overview of our retail outlet: